15+ Best Android Apps That Provide Real Instagram Followers

There are many Instagram followers apps and websites in the world, but there are very few websites and apps that provide without login real Instagram followers for free.

But in today guide, we'll give you 15+ best android apps that provide real Instagram followers without login real Instagram account.

I guarantee you that after reading this article, you will not need to go anywhere and search for how to increase real Instagram followers for free.

In fact, our some such users increased thousands of Instagram followers in 1 month with these apps.

Here you can see that I have increased 15.6k Instagram followers in just 15 days with this app.

thousands of Instagram followers

If you also “want to increase thousands of followers“?

If yes, then read this article till the last, because we’ll tell you step-by-step how to get Instagram followers with this app. So let’s start.

Here Are The Android Apps That Provide Real Instagram Followers.

#1 Insta Followers Pro

Real Instagram Followers

Insta followers pro is a real Instagram followers provider app, in which you need to collect some coins to send likes and followers to your Instagram account.

Collecting coins is very easy. First, you need to login your fake Instagram here, which you do not use, and you have to like and follow some accounts in return, you will get 1 coin for every follow and like.

And as soon as you have a lot of coins, then you easily send likes and follower on your real account.

If you are using any application for the first time to increase followers, you can try this Instagram Followers Pro app because its interface is very simple, and you will quickly learn how to use it.

#2 HikeTop+


HikeTop is the most popular Instagram service provider app. With this app, you can easily send follower on your account. Most of the people use it for increasing Instagram followers.

Although it also offers likes, most people like to take followers from it. To take followers from HikeTop+, first, you have to log in any of your fake Instagram accounts here.

Then you’ll able to send followers to your main Instagram account by using to Custom URL.

#3 Fan Lift

Fan Lift

Have you ever heard of the Fan Lift app? If no, don’t worry, let me tell you, FanLift is also a real Instagram service provider app.

If you download it now, you will get to see the new interface. Now it has become very easy to take likes and followers.

All you have to do is open the app, after opening you have to login any of your fake Instagram account here.

And you have to complete some tasks. Then you will be ready to take likes and followers on your original account.

#4 IG Booster Plus

IG Booster Plus

IG Booster Plus app is different compare to another application because in this app, you will get 5 various sources for submitting followers.

Means, you will get 5 sections in it, from each section you will get 30+ real Instagram followers for free.

And the plus point of the IG Booster apk, you will not need to collect coins to gain likes and followers from here.

To gain followers, you have to log in any of your third party Instagram account in IG Booster app, and you can send likes and followers directly to your main account.

#5 Easy Get Insta

Easy Get Insta

Get insta is the also most popular app for increasing followers & likes to your Instagram account.

Here you don’t need spent money on submitting followers and likes on your account. It’s 100% free, and it is available for android, IOS and windows.

To get followers from GetInsta app, you have to complete a few selected tasks here.

After completing the task, you can easily send real followers to your main Instagram account.

And don’t worry about the safety, easy get insta app is safe and clean.

#6 Popular Up

Popular Up

The Popular Up was launched 2 years ago. The aim was that people got Instagram real likes and followers for free.

But as time went by, the popular up apk updated all its features over time.

With free features, they also added a paid feature, by using this paid feature, you can send direct followers to your account.

But, you can’t send direct likes and followers using the free feature.

What to do to send followers for free?

First, you have to login your real Instagram account in the popularup app. Without login, you can’t send real followers.

Good news! If you download popular up app now and sign it, you’ll get instant 20 real Instagram followers as a signup bonus.

If you want more free Instagram followers from here? You need to Earn Coins by completing the task.


First, open the app and follow someone’s Instagram profile and like; In return, you will get many coins in your popular app wallet; Using these coins, you can send likes and followers to your Instagram account for free.

You can use any of the paid or free services. In both services, you’ll get real Instagram followers.

In the free service, you have to collect coins for sending followers.

In paid service, you can buy followers and send them directly to your account. You will not need to collect coins in it.

#7 IG Follower

IG Follower

If we talk about the most popular social media follower apps of 2020, ig follower app name comes in the Top 10 list.

Because it is very easy to take followers and likes from this app and IG follower app gives real and original followers.

With the IG Followers App, you will get 20 real followers on every submission. How?

Let’s follow these steps:

First of all, login your fake Instagram account in the ig followers app, then you will be able to send followers to your real account quickly by using the Custom URL feature.

Even though the number of followers is less, but the more followers you get from here, the more you will get original.

And this tool is free; you will not have to pay any money for getting followers.

Bonus tip: If you have multiple fake Instagram account, you can login those accounts to IG Followers App, and take followers on your account again and again.

#8 Top Followers

Top Followers

Top Followers app is made for growing social media likes and followers, and it is available for android.

This app provides real likes and followers of many social media platforms for free, with this app; also, you’ll get free Instagram followers daily.

There is no limit in it, and also you can submit real likes to your Instagram account.

But, before submitting followers to your Instagram account, you need to collect some coins in it, then you will be able to send followers from here.

Why are you repeatedly telling the coin application?

Because coins applications truly provide real Instagram followers for free, and in it no required to login your real account, That’s why I am telling you many applications about coins.

Without coins applications, provide many fake and duplicate Instagram followers; however, there are also a few selected applications from which you can get real and free Instagram followers by direct login.

Collecting coins is necessary?

Yes, If you want organic and real Instagram followers, then Collecting coins is necessary.

Top Followers is the only app in which you get to use the services of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. You can grow any of your social media platforms with the help of this app.

TurKey Fan

It is exciting and fabulous; through this app, we have increased more than 1000 followers of my Instagram.

The process of submitting followers to our Instagram account is straightforward. 

You just need to follow a few steps, after following steps, you can increase 500+ real Instagram followers on every submission for free.

Apart from followers TurKeyFan app also provides Instagram likes, comments, and video views for free, using these services, you will take your Instagram one step further.

To start growing Followers and Likes on your Instagram account. Just download the TurKeyFan app and analyze all the features & start growing your Instagram account.

#10 Topping


If you are a fan of Instagram, you’ll know about how many apps of Instagram Auto Followers are uploaded to the Play Store.

But finding apps that work out of these is nothing short of a challenge.

But don’t worry, I’ve searched over 1000+ applications on the Play Store for you.

Then I got top 15+ android apps that provide real Instagram Followers for free, and one of them is topping app.

This Instagram followers app helps you get more followers on your Instagram account. It does not matter where you are from. It is available to all Android users.

To use this, you need to download this app from the play store, and there is minimum requirement to use topping app.

  • You must have a fake Instagram account for login to the topping app.
  • Then you have to collect some coins by following other people’s accounts.
  • After that, you’ll able to send followers to your real account using these coins.

By simply following this process, you can increase as many followers as you want.

#11 Neutrino+


If you spend most of your time being popular on Instagram, then you try the Neutrino+ app.

The Neutrino Plus app will help you to build a large follower base on your Instagram account.

The concept is the same to increase followers, here you need to collect some diamonds for sending followers.

So far, we have seen that to gain followers on Instagram, we had to collect coins, but in this, you will get diamonds to follow each other.

That’s all right, but what shall we do with diamonds?

You can use these diamonds for sending followers to your real Instagram account.

But, you do not get the Custom URL feature here. You have to login your real account only then you will be able to use all the services.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you download this app, you’ll have to use this referral code ( 18060013 ) after login. In return, you will get some diamonds for free.

#12 Fast Followers

get followers

There are many ways to increase followers on your Instagram account, and one of the well-known ways is called “Auto Technic”.

Now you might be wondering what is auto technic?

Increasing auto like and followers from any third-party tools or websites is called Auto Technic.

Believe me

Stay away from third-party tools and websites as much as possible.


If you increase likes from any third-party tools, your Instagram account may be banned because Instagram never says to increase likes from any third party tool.

The purpose of this article is only that you get accurate information, and you are alert.

Let’s move on to the next app, which is Fast Followers App.

If you want to grow your account fast, then Fast Followers App is the best option.

Because in it, you get all the necessary features to grow an Instagram account. For example, real likes, followers, etc.

#13 LikeStar


If you spend the most time on Instagram to increase followers? If yes, after downloading LikeStar app, You do not need to work hard and waste valuable time to increase followers.

Because this app provides unlimited real Instagram followers for free and also in this app, you’ll get a custom URL facility to submit likes and followers to your account.

While most apps do not provide so many features, but it is safe?

As I told you above, if you do any illegal activity on your Instagram account, your account can be banned forever.

By the way, it is not safe to increase likes and followers from any third-party application, even from LiteStar App.

Still, if you want to increase followers? So you can download it and use it at your own risk.

Otherwise, you can see our previous article. It has explained how to increase organic Instagram followers.

Now let’s move on to our topic how to increase followers with LikeStar app.

  • First of all, login your fake Instagram account into LikeStar app.
  • Then complete some missions by following people’s accounts.
  • After that, send followers to your main account through Custom URL.

That’s all, and followers will start coming to your account.

#14 PerfectLiker


PerfectLiker is a platform from which you can increase as many likes and followers as you want without any human verification.

Perfect Liker is also available in the app and even in the website, now depending on you, you can increase real Instagram followers by downloading the PerfectLiker app, or you can also increase the followers from the site.

But from both places, you will get the same followers. How many followers does PerfectLiker provide every submits?

According to the perfectliker app, you’ll get 10 followers every 30 minutes. But all followers you’ll get original, and it’s very easy to use, you don’t have to be a technical expert.

  • First of all, you have to login your Instagram account here. ( At your own risk )
  • Then choose Instagram followers option.
  • After that, you have to enter the number of followers and send it to your account.

And followers will come to your account, By the way, Perfectliker is one of the recommended apps, but in this app, you do not get the option of custom URL.

To take followers from here, as I said above, you have to login your real account.

But Perfectliker says that we are 100% secure and no one will be able to access your data.

#15 AbGram


AbGram App gives you more features than other apps, and the most popular feature is Target Real Instagram Followers.

You heard right,

You’ll get followers according to the country. It will benefit you that all followers will show support on your old and latest picture.


Suppose you have selected Indian country here, it means that all the followers will come from India.

And as you know, according to statista.com, India was in second place with 88 million Instagram users.

If you select India country in AbGram app, then you will get real Instagram followers, and those followers will also support you forever. I hope you understand.

And it’s very easy to use the AbGram app, just download the app and follow the below steps.

  • First, login to the Abgram app using your fake Instagram account.
  • Then choose one of the Instagram services according to your needs.
  • After that, select the Custom URL option and send it real Instagram followers to your main account.


I hope you liked 15+ Best Android Apps That Provide Real Instagram Followers.

However, there are some apps in which you need to login your real Instagram account.

But mostly, I have told you the apps in the list where you get the Custom URL feature.

But before using these apps, you have to take special care of one thing.

Instagram never recommends that you increase followers with any third-party applications or websites.

You can login to these apps at your own risk and increase followers. Otherwise, you can also read our previous article.

In which I have described simple organic methods, which Instagram also allows to follow.