12 Outstanding Ways To Get More Likes On Instagram Originally (2022)

All the people who post photos and videos on Instagram constantly check their likes on that photo. Every Instagram user who likes any content on Instagram, he/she gives Doubles taps, hearts, faves, whatever you want to call it. This the main form of currency on Instagram.

Getting more likes has always been important for those Instagram users who want to be popular or reach their content to most people. Instagram algorithm promotes that post which posts getting good response from the audience. means likes, comment share.

If you are an Instagram user and want to be famous and get more likes on your photos, videos, IGTV videos, and Reels videos, you should read every line of this article.

If you apply all these practically proven tips and tricks to get more likes on Instagram Originally 2021, then you can get more organic likes on your post.

In this article, we provided you
12 excellent ways to get more likes on Instagram. This guide will be updated regularly with new tips to get more likes on Instagram as the world of Instagram changes.

#1 Post At Your Best Time

If you are posting your photos or videos at any time in a day, then you are wrong. Post your pictures at your best time.

If you post at that particular time, then you will get an excellent response from your audience. I know now you are thinking about how I can understand what is my best time in a day to post photos?

This is a very simple technique; you just have to post photos for at least 10 days at a different time every single day.

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Then keep your eyes on which photos are getting good responses at a particular time in a day.

Then that is the best time to upload a post on Instagram. (Ex- I got a good response on Instagram from 6 pm to 8 pm between this time I upload my photos)

This is the best and organic way to get real likes on Instagram.

#2 Figure out your Audience Type

If you have not detected your audience, hurry up, and find your audience because it depends on how much you will get.

If you want to increase likes on Instagram, make sure your Instagram profile stands out by targeting your ideal audience. You will get plenty of likes and also followers if you do it correctly.

#3 Maintain Consistency

You must keep posting on Instagram consistently because Consistency is the key to get more likes on Instagram. You should make a schedule for posting photos on Instagram.

If you follow Consistency, your likes will be maintained, and also Instagram promotes those accounts that post consistently. Remember you should post at least 4/5 posts per week.

#4 Use Hashtag

The hashtags are the most important thing to get massive likes on your post. If you are not using hashtags, then you can't increase your likes.

We will suggest you use a relevant hashtag like use hashtag related to that post which you will upload; you can also include your state, country related to that post.

There is some hashtag that is the most popular, so you can use those hashtags related to your post.

If you are not a celebrity or you are not famous, then hashtag can give you massive likes and also followers.

#5 Use Geotags

Like hashtag, you can add Geotags; it means that particular location of that photo or video click.

When you upload a photo, there is an option called "Add Location," by clicking that, you can set the location. This can be a perfect way to let people know where you are and help them feel more grounded in your life.

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Geotagging is a very unique and helpful way to buildup a sense of community with locals in your actual home town. This will increase likes on your posts on Instagram.

#6 Tag Brands and People in Smart Ways

Tagging People and Brands can be a very smart way to get likes and also followers.

But you should tag others when you post relevant content to that brand or someone else, So don't tag anyone who does not match with your post.

This is a very simple and effective way to get real likes on Instagram. Ex- If you are a photographer, then tag those big photographer who already has a big audience, or if you are posting any branded products, you must tag those brands in your post.

#7 Post Quality Content

"Content is The King." If you follow all these techniques to get real likes on Instagram, but your post quality is very poor, you can get engagement.

The quality of the content on Instagram increasing day by day, so if you want to get the audience's attention, then you should post quality content.

#8 Be Trendy

Everyone wants to see trending content. If you want to get good audience retention, you should follow the trend on whichever category content you are posting.

Trending posts already have chances to get massive likes. So follow the trend, Be trendy.

#9 Run a Contest

Whether you can call it Giveaway or Contest but this a great way to involve your followers in your content, announce a prize that is relevant to your followers. You must keep some rules like share your Instagram post or likes contest etc.

#10 Cross Promotion

You can call it collaboration. This is an excellent strategy to get likes and also followers on Instagram. If your Instagram profiles relevant to someone else profile or brand, you can ask them for cross-promotion.

#11 Paid Promotion on Instagram

You can promote your Instagram post or profile by paying some amount of money to Instagram. This also a very good strategy to get like on Instagram in a smart way.

This is an ethical method to get likes and also followers on Instagram. If you want to be an influencer or celebrity on Instagram, then you can use this technique.

#12 Be Aware Of Shadow Banning

Be aware if you are using any website or apps that provide free likes. This can harm your Instagram account. Remember those websites and apps that provide fake like they are spam sources.

If Instagram caught you, then Instagram will shadowban your profile. It means your Instagram posts will not appear on the discover section as a result, you cant get likes and new followers.


If you follow all these tips, you will get real likes and also followers on Instagram. All these techniques mentioned above are practically proven and effective.

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