9+ Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram By Using Instagram Reels

Instagram is the best place to increase followers and promote products or services (sponsorships).

After banned Chinese apps like TikTok, Vigo, and Hello short video sharing platforms, Instagram played smartly. They launched their own short video sharing platform like TikTok, which is named
Instagram Reels.

TikTok was the most famous app at that time, so Instagram copied the concept and added this feature in their app.

Instagram was launched in 2010 as an iPhone app. In 2012 facebook bought. There are 1 Billion Monthly active users on Instagram.

Instagram users are using an average of 53 minutes, which is a very high engagement than other social media apps. Many TikTokers who were making videos on TikTok now are making videos On Instagram Reels.

Many Instagrammers want to get more followers on Instagram by using Instagram Reels. If you are one of those who want to know about how to increase followers on Instagram by using Instagram Reels, then don't worry.

We already researched this topic and provided powerful tips on How To Get More Followers On Instagram By Using Instagram Reels. So Read This full article to get full information on this topic.

#1 Produce High-Quality Content

Many new people who are creating Instagram Reels videos do not focus on video quality; this is also the main factor why people are not liking to follow them.

In the past, the camera's quality was not high, so that time, the video's quality did not matter, but the time completely changed now smartphone cameras are competing with DSLR cameras.

If you see some big creators on Instagram Reels, they produce high-quality content that looks good and creates a separate audience.

So if you want to increase followers through your Instagram Reels, then produce high-quality videos, which good to see, and also your growth rate will increase.

#2 Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. According To Tailwind Visual Marketing Tool, they studied more than 1,00,000 Instagram profiles: How frequency affects follower growth rate and engagement rate.

The study shows that "the more post you will post, the more likes and followers you will get.".

If you want to increase Instagram followers by Instagram Reels, then post at least 5-7 Reels videos in a week. The Instagram algorithm will also suggest your Reels videos in the discover option on Instagram.

#3 Collaborate With Others

Collaboration is the best way to get more followers on Instagram. If you see some big Instagram Reels creators, then you will notice they keep collaborate with other Reels creators.

A collaboration helps both creators to increase followers through Instagram Reels.

We suggest you collaborate when you collaborate with others, you just say to others that when they upload the collaboration video, mention your Instagram username. It will help you to boost your followers instantly.

#4 Post At Your Best Time

Make quality content and maintain consistency is not enough to get more followers on Instagram by using Instagram Reels.

If you are publishing your Instagram Reels at any time, then you are doing a big mistake. You can't get that many amounts of followers if you upload at your best time.

I know now you have a question in your mind that what is my best time. Don't worry; we researched a lot on this.

If you are in any country, then generally on holiday or Sundays, many people are using Instagram most so you can upload your Instagram Reels before a holiday like on Saturday or Sunday.

If you upload your videos at this time, then there is a big chance to viral your video.

But upload a video on Sunday is not enough. You have to find the best time to upload videos. To find your best time, you have to upload your videos at a different time a day.

You can do this for 10 days. After that, notice at which time you got the most audience retention. That is the best time. This is the most effective way to get followers on Instagram.

#5 Use Hashtag

Many Instagram users don't know about the importance of hashtags. If you are not a celebrity or a famous person, then you do not use these hashtags much.

If you are a beginner on Instagram, then hashtags are the backbone of your Reels videos. If you use hashtags properly, then you can
get instant followers.

When you upload an Instagram Reels, you can add a hashtag related to that topic of the video, add that music name hashtag that you are using in that video.

If your Reels video related to any place, then add that place name hashtags. So use hashtags properly; you will get followers instantly.

#6 Tag People and Brand

If you want to get real Instagram followers or fans, then make that type of Reel video that can tag other people or brands.

If you tag some person or brands, then your Instagram Reels videos will appear in that person or brand's followers. There is a big chance to get views and followers.

If you are posting a Reels video that can be taggable, then tag this video. This is the best way to get more followers on Instagram by using Instagram Reels, and most popular Instagrammers use this technique.

#7 Be Trendy

Nowadays, every day must be running a trending topic or some trending song on Instagram. So we suggest you use this opportunity to get followers instantly.

If you will find any trending song, then make an Instagram Reels on that music but make sure it must be related to your profile. If you see some trending challenge, then make a Reels on that challenge.

Don't miss those trending music, challenge, etc. It can be viral in your Reels videos. It can boost your reach Reels video to others, so be trendy.

#8 Giveaway or Contest

This the best way to get real and organic followers on Instagram. If you can spend some money and arrange prizes, it can be anything like an Amazon voucher, Flipkart voucher, or Paytm.

Then you can make a video and announce your prizes and set your condition like follow me on Instagram, etc.

Make an Instagram Reels video on a giveaway, then announce the winner after 15 days. So in these 15 days, you will get many real followers on Instagram.

If you notice some big influencer on Instagram, then you will see they announce the giveaway on their Instagram. So use this method to get Instagram Followers by using Instagram Reels.

#9 Find Which Type Of Content People Want To See 

You have to find which type of content people want to see. If you want to know very well, then follow some big creators of Instagram Reels notice them which type of content they are making you can make the same type of content, and you can see the discover section on Instagram in this way you can increase your Instagram account followers.

#10 Be Aware of What You Are Producing

You have to be aware of which type of content you are producing. Your content must be non-violent and do not hurt the sentiment of others.

If you follow this, then you can easily grow on Instagram. If you want to get big sponsorship, then do not hurt people's sentiment with your Reels videos or photos.

Note-Many websites and apps provide free followers on Instagram, so do not use those services. These are fake followers, and Instagram may ban your account permanently.


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