Top-Rated Technique For Gain More Followers On Instagram (2022)

In today’s world, online businesses are among the effective ways of earning a lot of cash.

When you intend to start an online business, it is always challenging to imagine how you will gain more followers on Instagram and effectively sell your product.

Many of us proved Instagram to be among the natural way for a brand of sizes, types and shapes to gain more exposure.

Growing a loyal and engaged audience on this app is a bit challenging without a supportive guide.

Therefore, consider the below tips to help you attract more followers in your Instagram app for a short period.

#1 Connect Your Instagram Account With Your Facebook Account

I am sure many of us have Facebook accounts. Leverage your Facebook account following by linking your specific accounts. Below is the effective procedure to do it:

  • Go to your Instagram account and navigate right to your profile page.
  • Tap right on menu icon on top –right hand ( look for three horizontal lines)
  • Go to the settings, account followed by a linked account.
  • Tap on Facebook followed by adding your Facebook username.
  • You will have successfully navigated your Facebook page with your Instagram account.

Once your accounts are connected, you can automatically set Instagram to share your contents and later post them on Facebook.

You can also move on and choose to get your content shared on your main Facebook page and profile, which you manage.

#2 Host Unique Giveaways On Your Instagram Account

This is among the common ways people use to gain more followers. When you host giveaways right on your website, you embrace people’s chances to follow you on Instagram and other related social media networks, which would be an amazing reach.

If you happen to host any giveaways on your app and have small audiences, this might give you more followers. Consider sending your audience free products in exchange for a review post.

#3 Creates a Standout Instagram Profile

Generally, we got three essential parts on the Instagram profile, which we should always pay attention to-the bio, profile photo, and content.

You got a few seconds to attract any prospect follower with the profile, meaning it vital, making it stand out. The following are important tips to create an amazing Instagram profile:

  • The profile picture should typically match the overall Instagram aesthetic without appearing much generic.

The headshots are excellent profiles on Instagram compared to landscapes, logos, and other related photos. This is because; headshots will make our followers feel that they are connecting with real individuals.

  • Secondly, a profile photo should highlight who you are. Also, your face must take up most of the image.

Again, keep your entire background simple and free to utilize the best props which help the followers understand you more and better.

Remember, your profile picture appears more pretty on smartphones. For example, if you’re in the photographing section, hold the camera, and if you’re a good cooker, grab a spatula and whisk.

  • You Instagram theme is a simple thread of element that ties your entire Instagram post together. Thus, creating a unique theme will probably make your images easily recognized and merge into the story; you will be telling your audiences.

Also, consider basing your Instagram theme on an attractive color pattern, palette, and photography skills or filter you in all your shots.

This will typically depend on the look you want, together with the emotion you might be trying to elicit from the flowers.

  • Your link and bio the helpful thing in the bio is that someone can pray around different bios and come with one which works. Admirably, Instagram offers us 150 characters of creating a good bio that stands out from countless crowds.

Instagram allows someone to place one active clickable link in bio, and this only chance you have to highlight your Tumblr account, photography portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

However, the app will require you to provide two-way communication for business accounts. Also, for some individuals who have any other online presence you may want to share, it is good to leave your link blank.

Essentially, it would help if you create a bio that helps you to connect with perfect and active followers.

What I mean is that you should tell them more about where you are from, what your business deals with, who are you? If you have more space, ask them to follow you, promising them the best and helpful content.

You can also sprinkle the emojis, which express visual appeal and hashtags only if they are relevant.

#4 Join the Engagement Instagram Groups

Many individuals have confirmed gained more followers through joining the engagement groups such as Instagram pods.

For example, you can look for influential groups like beauty, travel, fashion, and many other related.

In such groups, you will get many likes and followers from individuals who have already shared interests.

Also, to be more active, return your favor by following the pages for the individuals who join the groups you’re in.

I would advise someone to use this strategy for the first few weeks in the app, but not long-term.

#5 Partner with Popular Brands to Grow the Following

This is the best time to partner with popular and favorite brands on Instagram. Generally, I used this way, and it quickly gained me thousands of followers.

Rather than reposting other individuals’ posts, the brands reposted one of my best images, crediting me.

Consider tagging the brands relevant to your specific post, and anytime you tag any Instagram account on your post, they will automatically have the option of reposting it.

For example, if you tag the clothing brand related to your posts, it will help spread your message and gain you more followers.

As many individuals watch your stories and come across with your profile, your stories and profile will start appearing on top of your follower’s home page and across the board.

#6 Use Relevant Hashtags

Utilizing the hashtags will typically be the simplest method to grow your Instagram followers and get your post in front of your new audiences.

Since there is much content in the app, it might be challenging to search, categorize, and discover it without using hashtags. Admirably, Instagram allows about 30 hashtags per post.

Therefore, before publishing any post, do your research for the best hashtag which suits your niche and the story you’re posting about.

Also, be sure to include the right location-based on hashtags. Again, it would help if you utilize the mix of general hashtags such as #germanshepherd or #waterfall and more trendy and targeted ones like #acolorstory or #welltraveled

#7 Use the Analytics Equipment to Gain More Followers On Instagram

Instagram analytics will probably give more information about your following. Preferably, there are many effective free tools currently in the market, giving you more interesting and helpful information.

Like new followers, inactive accounts, engagement rate, and fake Instagram followers, some things can give someone insight that will shape you in getting more followers on this app.

Further, the effective Instagram analytics equipment will offer highly and valid, informative information, which would help someone understand your audiences perfectly.

Still, they can highlight the correct content, which leads to increasing your Instagram followers, leading to more sales for someone’s online business.

However, below are top-rated analytic Instagram tools recently in the market:

Keyhole: Track, measure, and report on your social campaigns. Over and over again

Curalate: Connect with customers. Drive revenue. Smarter. Faster.

Socialbakers: Unified Social Media Marketing Platform

Sprout Social: Build and grow stronger relationships on social

IconosQuare: Actionable social media analytics

#8 Follow the Individuals Who Like Competing on Your Instagram Page

I am sure you will get competitors on Instagram, so note them down and browse through their posts to confirm the followers who mostly comment on their posts.

Remember to first with smaller brands when selecting competitors on Instagram.

Follow their pages and engage with them too. Also, when commenting on their contents, comments, and answer their questions positively.

As a result of following and engaging with such people, you will start noting a mass of many followers on your Instagram account.

#9 Keep a Consistent Content Posting

This is the worst mistake many followers make on Instagram, posting their content at haphazard and random times.

And if you will be lucky to get followers initially, it would not be nice to make them forget they first followed you on your first post. Therefore, combat this issue by keeping regular content posting.

Generally, brands should not post more times per day to avoid any spam. Sticking to one schedule will help you build a consistent experience for your prospect followers and keep all of them familiar with your products.

The Instagram algorithm has currently changed; posting at the right times will post confident visibility by accumulating the overall commitment they receive.


Nowadays, Instagram has turned out an effective cornerstone of marketing countless brands, growing conversions, driving profitable landing pages, and many other related tasks.

But growing Instagram followers might be difficult without effective strategies and tricks; therefore, I have reviewed the top-rated tips for you to help you successfully gain more followers on Instagram in a few.