How To Get More Real Followers On Instagram Organically (2022)

It's a new year and a new you! Why not try to kick off 2021 with your best self? With social media still at the center of our world, your Instagram following says something about you now more than ever.

The more followers you have, the bigger reach you can hit with your posts and stories! Whether you're running a business account or simply your personal account, a wide reach is something invaluable to possess.

Unfortunately, if you're starting from a lower number of followers or from the beginning, it can seem impossible to bounce back from.

While some influencers pay to gain followers, it's insincere and doesn't show the true value of their reach.

Not to mention, if they are followed by bots, they often will not interact with their posts.
Buying followers on Instagram isn't a worthwhile approach if you're looking for reach.

If you research a company on Instagram and they have a lot of followers but few likes or comments, you become a bit skeptical, and rightly so! You don't want your account to put forth this persona as it could mar your reputation.

It's important you have real people seeing and liking your posts, as they are more likely to share with others what they see or tag their friends in the comments.

If you're wanting to
gain more real followers on Instagram, there are plenty of organic ways to do so without spending the money or lying to your followers!

Buying these followers is not lucrative to you or your business, so invest that money somewhere else—time for you to gain some free followers on Instagram that actually interact with your posts.

While this can seem overwhelming in the begin, there are actually many ways you can go about growing your following.

We have compiled a list of tried and true methods to help grow your Instagram following. Check these out!

#1 Upload High Quality Posts

The first thing you need to do is focus on your posts. They need to be high quality if you want followers to engage with you and follow your account.

This involves making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, so that people can read your posts clearly. You also need to focus on being engaging.

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Whether that is through humor or through always being kind and supportive of others, you need to have something in your posts that is consistent.

People need to be able to get to know you. Only then will you gain real followers on Instagram because real followers care about who they follow.

#2 Upload High Resolution And Beautifully Captured Images

To attract real followers on Instagram, there is a unique step that you need to take that doesn't always apply to other social media platforms, and that's the quality of your images.

They should be high resolution and beautifully captured, because Instagram is designed to show off images.

For people to follow you, they have to like what they see. Your followers will grow organically if people like the effort you put into the images you post.

#3 Best Way To Get Real Followers on Instagram

This is another great way to bring more real followers on Instagram your way. People love visuals, especially visuals that are themed.

It doesn't matter if you're an account that focuses on books, healthy meals, or workout routines - if you have a theme that is both visually impressive and supports the purpose of your account, then more people will be able to find you and hit the follow button.

#4 Be A Safe Place

Social media is rife with negativity, and you need to make sure your account is a place for real followers to come and know that they won't experience any hateful messages or negativity.

Keep everything positive, and more people will come to you because seeing your posts will bring a smile to their face.

#5 Be Social

The best way for you to gain organic followers is to engage with the sorts of accounts you would like to follow you.

Send a quick comment to somebody on their account to let them know how much you like their posts, and they'll probably return the favor.

Focus on making real connections with the sorts of people you want to connect with you, and you'll see that there are plenty of real followers on Instagram just looking for a new account to follow!

#6 Use Hashtags

Yes, they can seem a little robotic if you use them in the wrong way. Adding a bunch of random hashtags at the end of your post might make your post more visible, but the people that see it will probably just think you're out for attention.

Instead, focus on using hashtags organically, by keeping them relevant to your post and only using them in small amounts.

That way, the people you want to find you can, but they won't think you're only looking for followers.

#7 Use Competitions

This can be a great way to attract people to your account who are interested in similar things to you.

If your an Instagram account that's all about books for example, why not try running a competition where you randomly choose somebody who has liked and commented on your post and follows you to receive a free book.

It works for all sorts of accounts too, just tailor your competition to your personal interests. Real followers on Instagram care about these competitions because they know you are real too, and that they can interact with you.

#8 Be Consistent

This doesn't mean you have to post all day every day, but keeping to a posting schedule is a great way for people to know that you're real.

If you disappear every couple of days for a week or two, then they'll start to see you as somebody who is inconsistent and not worth following.

The more they see of you, the more likely it is that they'll follow and interact with your posts, and so even more people will follow and interact too.

Use analytics to find out who is following you and where they are from in the world. If you're from the US, but you have a lot of UK followers, you might want to think about focussing your posts around a time that suits your followers.


These tips and tricks on Instagram will increase your user experience. We hope you liked this article on "How To Get More Real Followers On Instagram Organically," which will help you to provide extra knowledge on Instagram.

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