10 Effortless Ways To Get More Followers On Facebook (2022)

Facebook was started only for Harvard Students to use their education email addresses and photos to connect with other school students.

Now, this education platform became the most entertaining platform, so people are now using Facebook for entertainment and business purpose. Facebook is the most popular site in the world.

There are almost 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook. 47% of Facebook users use it from their mobile. Facebook is growing very fast.

People can not leave without opening Facebook. So you can use this opportunity to increase followers on Facebook.

If you want to grow your Facebook page, then you can easily do this. If you have a good amount of followers, then you can make money here.

In today’s article, we will provide you 10 effortless ways to get more followers on Facebook in 2021. We researched a lot on this topic and found some useful techniques to grow on Facebook. So read this full article and apply all these techniques properly.

This article will be updated regularly with new tips on how to get more followers on Facebook.

#1 Maintain Consistency

Consistency Is The Key To Success.” If you want to grow on Facebook, then you have to maintain consistency. You can make a routine as you must post 3/4 post once a day regular basis.

If you maintain consistency, then Facebook will increase your post reach to new Facebook users, which will be beneficial for you.

That Facebook page that posts frequently can increase their followers easily, so maintain consistency your followers will grow rapidly.

#2 Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

For many people who manage their Facebook individually, when they post 8/10 posts per day, their post content quality is also not good. The effort of that person not getting good results. So we suggest you focus on quality instead of quantity.

If you are a solo social media manager who manages all social media, then you don’t have to upload 10 posts per day. Just upload 3/4 quality content.

If you can post 10 quality content, you can do this. Many people who post quality content 10 per day are also getting good responses from the audience.

#3 Make Shareable Posts

The best and effortless way to grow on Facebook is to make shareable posts. If you notice most of the Facebook page, they gain followers when their followers share their posts.

So this is the most effective way to get followers, but not many people do not know about this technique. When followers share your post, that followers friend also see your post, then there are many chances to follow that person.

There are many kinds of shareable post you can make an example- “share this post if you love the Indian Army” this is an example you can make a post like this in any category.

When Facebook ads feature not introduce at that time, only this way followers can gain. So make sharable content you can easily get more followers on Facebook.

#4 Post At Your Best Time

We suggest you post when your followers are online. When you that time, when your followers are online most, you will get high audience retention.

According to the Facebook algorithm, when a post gets high audience retention, that post reaches more Facebook users.

Now you are thinking about finding that best time, don’t worry, we already have that solution.

You just have to post at a different time on a day for7/10 days and notice when you are getting high engagement from the audience.

That time is the best time to upload your posts. The universal best time to post on Facebook is afternoon. Your followers will increase rapidly if you follow these tips correctly.

#5 Try Videos

In research on Facebook found that videos get more audience retention than a photo.

According to this research, we suggest you try to upload videos because people are now taking interested in watching video content than an article or photo.

According to a
quintly.com study of six million Facebook posts, they found a video on Facebook 110 higher engagement rate and 478% higher share than a youtube video link. This is so interesting and useful fact related to Facebook.

Another square video study found that a square video gets higher engagement than a landscape video, especially on a mobile device. So apply all these techniques while uploading videos.

#6 Go Live

Facebook is now pushing Live video to more audience on Facebook. People spend more than 3x more time watching Facebook live than normal video.

If you compare a normal video to a live video, people comment 10 times more on a Live video.

That’s why a live video gets good audience engagement. Going to life, can you get more followers on Facebook.

#7 Make Your Facebook Page Attractive

Nowadays, people do not want to see low-quality products. If you want to get more followers, then you have to make your profile more attractive. Many things come under a good looking profile, so let’s discuss all of them.

A good profile picture can attract many new followers for you. A clean and fresh look profile picture can give you more followers. Your cover photo should describe your page content.

The main thing is your bio, a good bio can attract many new followers, so your bio must describe your page content. Your username should contain your page name.

Do not use any number or symbol in your username because it creates an unprofessional profile look. So make your username easy to remember.

#8 Arrange Giveaway or Contest

You can arrange a giveaway to get new followers if you notice many big brands and many Facebook pages arrange giveaways.

When you arrange a giveaway, your Facebook page gets high audience retention.

You can set some condition like share this post with others or follow us on Facebook and other social media platforms. If you use this technique, you can get more followers on Facebook.

#9 Get Followers From Other Social Media Platform

This technique is used by many popular social media influencers and celebrities. This is a very useful and easy way to get real followers on Facebook. You can post a story on your Instagram account related to your Facebook page.

You can also do email marketing. It sometimes means you receive mail from other companies you have subscribed to. These types of emails are called email marketing.

Like this, you can send your email related to your Facebook page. This is also the best technique to get followers on your Facebook.

#10 Run Facebook Ads

If you are thinking about the best way to get more followers on Facebook, this is the best and most effective method.

If you have a special social media advertising budget, then you can run Ads on Facebook of your page or a post. But before running ads on Facebook, you have to follow some rules.

Make sure, before running ads on Facebook, you must consistently post on Facebook, and you must publish a quality post that can attract new followers.

Facebook gives full control of ads running as you can run according to you. You can set which age group will see your ads, according to their interest, which type of ads, etc.

Remember, many websites and apps claim that they can provide you followers for free. We suggest you do not do this kind of promotion. All of these are fake followers.

They may hack your Facebook account. If Facebook algorithms know about this activity, they may ban your Facebook page.


I hope you liked today’s article about 10 effortless ways to get more followers on Facebook (2021).

If you have any questions and suggestions related to this article, you can let us know by commenting without any concern.

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